Peace N’ Clam Cakes from the Ocean State!

Illustrator friend of ours, Ryan Maguire, has done it again. First he wow’ed us with his book GUTS– an illustrated “all ages” book  that we think just about anyone could love, especially Nonviolence Educators. We’ve used it at Broad Rock Middle School with great results- kids love it!

“GUTS is a story about acknowledging and coping with universal feelings we all encounter. We all have Guts; Friendly, Sad, Hope, Hungry, Brain, and Anger. The story is illustrated with bold graphics that are contemporary yet primitive in appearance allowing the reader to engage and reflect about their own feelings. As each of us are continuously finding balance between our own feelings and lives, GUTS is a story for all ages. It takes guts to talk openly and honestly about your feelings. It takes guts to listen and believe in each other.

We all have GUTS, let’s share them.”

Now he has unveiled his latest (and GREATEST!) character: Big Rhody.

We love this Peace ‘N Clam Cakes design- symbolizing what we love most about the state, our great potential for peacefulness, AND our love of seafood and summer fun! We look forward to introducing our international and out-of-state participants to all of this at our International Nonviolence Summer Institute this June! Who knows? Maybe even Big Rhody will make an appearance…


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