A Newfound Community at URI

It’s impossible to accurately describe the energy put fourth by the University yesterday when over 1,000 individuals congregated on the quad to participate in Christina Knoll’s silent protest against hate crimes on campus. The attendance of individuals varied as greatly as the student body, with varsity athletic teams, Hillel, the GBLT center, students, faculty, staff, provosts and even Rhody the Ram in attendance. And while everyone held their silence in protest for 15 minutes, the feeling from the quad can be described as the loudest silence to have ever fallen over campus. The silence that was created yesterday brought fourth a sense of community for the University. Here were 1,000 individuals who would not tolerate hate crimes on campus, and here were 1,000 individuals who would stand up to a campus injustice. The protest yesterday was a small step in the right direction, but it brought together more individuals than any campus outreach ever has. Yesterday’s protest showed URI that the student body truly believes in the importance of diversity and tolerance. And when the 15 minutes of protest were up, I don’t think I have ever heard the Rhody Ram chant ever yelled so proudly. 
In Peace,
Michaela Cashman


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