Collaborative Planning with The Gathering for Justice

Veteran’s Day reminds us that violence begets more violence and that war rarely if ever has led to lasting peace. The aftermath in terms of lives lost (military and innocent civilians), the casualty survivors who suffer with lifelong disabilities, plus the emotional trauma and inner violence experienced by family members is a tragic loss and a high price to pay for a temporary negative peace. Let today serve as a reminder for us to renew our pledge to continue our efforts to use nonviolence education and peace studies to build a global beloved community. On a more positive note, I enjoyed some collaborative planning time on SKYPE with Malia Lazu, Director of the Gathering for Justice organization today. We are engaged in exploring the possibilities for the Gathering to become an organizational partner with the URI Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies. The Gathering has been doing some amazing work nationally in a dozen metropolitan communities. Their work includes a strong foundation built on commitment to nonviolence principles and nonviolence training and education strategies. Jonathan Lewis and Justin Richards trainers who began their journey into nonviolence at the URI Center are lead trainers at the national level for the Gathering. Stay tuned for more developments on this possible partnership! Peace On, Paul BdeM


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