Nonviolence Training at Valparaiso Peace & Justice Symposium

Greetings of Peace and Nonviolence! Friends of the Center might be interested to know that we just returned from a full day of Kingian Nonviolence training at Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, Indiana. Jonathan Lewis joined me for this introductory training workshop as part of their 8th Annual Peace and Justice Symposium, sponsored by the campus Gandhi-King Center for Diversity and Global Engagement. Center Director Jane Bello-Brunson and her staff do a fantastic job at operating the center and keeping the dream of nonviolence alive and thriving at Valpo! Their Symposium is first-class program. “Globe” and I received lots of positive feedback and we hope to establish a continuing relationship with their Center for future followup trainings. A nice addition to the day was the participation of local high school students who attended with their principal and school district superintendent. We were able to share a short video highlighting the URI Summer Institute, and Jonathan spoke passionately about his work with the Gathering for Justice combined with a video on the organizations background and purpose. If I had more time I could share a funny story about our “stretch limo” ride from Midway to their campus, but I’ll save that for another day. Peace On, Paul BdeM


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