New graduate nonviolence course

New graduate nonviolence course, Theory and Research in Nonviolence and Peace Studies, will be offered in Spring 2010 as PSY 690(04).  (The course will eventually be designated PSY/NVP 500, but the curriculum committee is not finished with its work yet, and so for this semester we will use the open-ended 690 topics course number.)

PSY 690 (NVP/PSY 500) is designed as an introductory graduate level seminar bringing together academic psychology (especially social and cognitive psychology) and ideas derived from traditions of nonviolent problem solving from several cultures.  We will focus on understanding predictors and proposed mechanisms of violence and peace, as well as factors that may prevent or inhibit ready access to this understanding.

This course will be the “foundations” course for the coming Graduate Certificate Program in Nonviolence and Peace Studies.  Students should consult with their major professors about other program requirements that may be met or strengthened by the course.

The course will meet on Wednesday afternoons, 2 to 4.50pm, location TBA.

Please contact Charlie Collyer with questions: or 401-258-9834 (cell).


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