We all need some enrichment in our pursuit towards achieving a more peaceful world. Some do this through meditation, others through meeting and talking with other trainers.
The Center is pleased to offer yet another way to develop yourself as either a nonviolent practitioner, trainer, or both.
On the Center website www.uri.edu/nonviolence we have links to several of Dr. King’s papers, including the “Pilgrimage to Nonviolence” and “Letter from Birmingham Jail.”
Dr. King’s paper “Letter from Birmingham Jail” both outlines the steps of nonviolence as well as shows his strength in the face of imprisonment and direct confrontation. 
Click here to read and remember to find ways to continue to grow as a nonviolence practitioner!
If you have suggestions for other resources the Center could offer on our website, please e-mail our Administrative Assistant, Marie, at marie@uri.edu

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