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Our 18th Annual International Nonviolence Summer Institute is coming up on June 5-16, 2017! We will host participants from 15 countries and 17 US states. We’re eager to meet new friends and learn about their important peace work and contributions around the world.


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Host No Hate

Your heart is an ocean

Float no hate on it

Your mind is a garden

Grow no hate in it

Your body is a charisma

Adorn no hate on it

Your voice is a melody

Tune no hate in it

Your life is a journey

Escort no hate with it

Your day is a paradise

Light no hate in it

Your night is a galaxy

Launch no hate in it

Your sleep is a magic

Dream no hate in it

Your food is a delicacy

Spice no hate in it

Your sport is a delight

Shout no hate in it

Your school is a family

Enroll no hate in it

Hate hate, if you have to hate.

-Piece From PEACE Rhythm of My Heart by Thupten Tendhar

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Heartbeat: an Israeli-Palestinian Youth Music Group with a Mission

From Huffington Post: 

Palestinian and Israeli youth making happy, hopeful music together? When pigs fly!

Seriously though. “Bukra Fi Mishmish” (When Pigs Fly) is a song by Palestinian And Israeli youth promoting peace and co-existence. With lyrics like, “Tomorrow will be better” and “Try to create and believe, yes YOU can,” the song is an anthem of optimism in an often dreary landscape.

The video was created by Heartbeat, an organization that provides opportunities and spaces for young Israeli and Palestinian musicians to work together, hear each other and amplify their voices to influence the world around them. Through a number of programs — the Heartbeat All-Star Band, Mic is Stronger Tour, Hip HOpera – Borderline Remix, and camps and retreats — the Jerusalem-based group is positively empowering the next generation of Israeli and Palestinian leaders.


Learn more by clicking below:



And they want to go on tour! Watch this great trailer:


Full Huff Article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/26/heartbeat-bukra-fi-mishmish-when-pigs-fly-palestinian-and-israeli-youth-promote-peace-through-music_n_1455848.html

Bukra Fi Mishmish Video: http://www.heartbeat.fm/2012/04/10/bukra-fil-mishmish-music-video-released/

Heartbeat Home: http://www.heartbeat.fm/

News: http://www.heartbeat.fm/news/

And of course, Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/heartbeatjerusalem

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Playing For Change Day 2012 – YouTube

The Playing For Change Foundation, in cooperation with Pathways To Peace and the Culture of Peace Initiative, will host their 2nd annual Playing For Change Day on Sept. 22, 2012 in observance of the International Day of Peace. Playing For Change Day concerts will be held in hundreds of cities and towns across our planet to celebrate humanity’s unity through the universal language of music. Video

We often feature their videos on our website! Are you a musician, artist, singer or songwriter? Play for Change!

Playing For Change Day 2012 – YouTube.

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Peace N’ Clam Cakes from the Ocean State!

Illustrator friend of ours, Ryan Maguire, has done it again. First he wow’ed us with his book GUTS– an illustrated “all ages” book  that we think just about anyone could love, especially Nonviolence Educators. We’ve used it at Broad Rock Middle School with great results- kids love it!

“GUTS is a story about acknowledging and coping with universal feelings we all encounter. We all have Guts; Friendly, Sad, Hope, Hungry, Brain, and Anger. The story is illustrated with bold graphics that are contemporary yet primitive in appearance allowing the reader to engage and reflect about their own feelings. As each of us are continuously finding balance between our own feelings and lives, GUTS is a story for all ages. It takes guts to talk openly and honestly about your feelings. It takes guts to listen and believe in each other.

We all have GUTS, let’s share them.”

Now he has unveiled his latest (and GREATEST!) character: Big Rhody.

We love this Peace ‘N Clam Cakes design- symbolizing what we love most about the state, our great potential for peacefulness, AND our love of seafood and summer fun! We look forward to introducing our international and out-of-state participants to all of this at our International Nonviolence Summer Institute this June! Who knows? Maybe even Big Rhody will make an appearance…

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We love this saying about Peace..

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Collecting Used Pans for Peace!

HEY Beloved Community! We’ve got a great group of people coming for the 11th Annual International Nonviolence Summer Institute from all over the world (literally!) who will stay with us for up to 3 weeks in our apartment-style housing at The University of Rhode Island. We’re so excited! There’s only one small problem. Although the rooms are furnished, they don’t come with pots, pans, spices, and other kitchen essentials. Got any extras? We’re accepting donations with a goal of creating a Beloved Community Kitchen Box to keep in the residence halls for our guests from out of town. We’ll store the goods for years to come.

Please consider donating your lightly-used kitchen wear, utensils, plates, cups, spices, rice-cookers…whatever you have!

Send an email to summerinstitute@etal.uri.edu to find out how to donate.

Thanks! And thanks in advance from our Summer Institute participants!

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International Nonviolence Summer Institute 2012: 17 Days Left to Register!

17 Days Left to Register:

Register Online Today! 

Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation Training

* Based on the philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

*Join others from across the U.S. and around the World

*Exciting 2-week intensive and interactive training

*Led by famed Civil Rights leader, Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Jr.

The International Nonviolence Summer Institute is ideal for NGO workers, human-rights activists, teachers, university students and faculty, counselors, social workers, business management, criminal justice workers, law enforcement, health care professionals, clergy, faith-based educators, and all those interested in acquiring the leadership skills necessary for promoting peace, nonviolence & social change, regardless of work career or field of study.

INTRODUCTION & LEVEL I – Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation: All International Nonviolence Summer Institutes begin with an intensive experiential workshop giving participants a comprehensive introduction to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s philosophy and strategy of nonviolence.

The training is useful for a variety of individuals, including those who work with young people, people who respond to conflict situations, people of all ages and backgrounds who experience different levels of violence in their daily lives, and those individuals seeking justice, equality, and human rights through nonviolent social change. It provides a framework for conflict management, mediation, and ultimately reconciliation.

The Institute is facilitated by Center faculty and certified Kingian Nonviolence training staff, working in collaboration with distinguished visiting scholar, and senior trainer Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Jr.

The introductory workshop is followed by several days of in-depth study, discussion, and review of Kingian Nonviolence. Mastery of content is assessed throughout in preparation for the second week of training focusing on the skills necessary to plan and conduct nonviolence trainings. Participants complete the training by demonstrating both their depth of knowledge and their training facilitation skills.

Examples of training content include modules in:

  • The concepts of nonviolence; classifying various types and levels of conflict and distinguishing between violence, non(hyphen)violence, and nonviolence
  • Martin Luther King’s eclectic philosophy based on his writings and speeches
  • An examination of Martin Luther King’s 6 Principles of Nonviolence
  • An analysis of the 6 Steps of Nonviolence
  • A review of Martin Luther King’s key campaigns and their salient points
  • The role of music in social movements
  • Dynamic models of social change
  • Role play, lectures, and group simulation exercises that provide opportunities for application of the material

In addition, participants are provided with a 3 ring binder with training booklet and supplementary reading materials. Historical video, documentary and multimedia programs are presented that vividly portray the various topics.

Participants earn Level I certification as Nonviolence Training Affiliates of the Center, qualified as co-trainers in presenting the Kingian Nonviolence 2-Day Core workshop curriculum.

LEVEL II – Advanced Training, for individuals who have completed the Level I course and have acquired some training experience, consists of a one week seminar format program examining nonviolent leadership, organizing and mobilizing for a nonviolent campaign, and program development. Dr. LaFayette will personally lead this seminar on a daily basis. Certification is also awarded upon completion of the course. Participants receive the Leader’s Guide and supplementary study materials.

LEARN MORE on our website

SEE PHOTOS from last year’s institute

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Congratulations 8th Grade Gandhi Essay Contest Winners!

This year we had 187 entries from 8th graders across Rhode Island, from which we selected22 finalists! These students and their families, teachers, and principals were invited to join us for our 2012 Gandhi Essay Award Ceremony on May 1st, from 5pm – 6pm at the Multicultural Center Forum at URI. At this ceremony we recognized several second and third place essay winners, and announced the overall first place essay winner, Grace Miner, who read her winning essay.

Congratulations, Grace Miner!

1st Place Gandhi Essay Contest Winner 2012

All Finalists received certificates and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Winners receive cash prizes! We’re so excited by this important opportunity for our Center to focus on educating Rhode Island youth about the history of Nonviolent Philosophy. We’d like to congratulate ALL off our participants for enlightening us with their thoughtful essays! Please join us in congratulating these amazing students!

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Silent Solidarity for Tibet, and All the Voiceless Peoples of the World

Tibetan people and many of their supporters held prayer vigils and peaceful protests globally on February 8, 2012 to denounce the communist Chinese government’s continuous violent crackdown on peaceful protestors inside Tibet. Martial Law has been imposed despite over 18 desperate self-immolation cases for freedom and human rights.

Tibet remains repressed and isolated from the rest of the world as telephone and internet access are cut off. Independent journalists including those from CNN are barred from entering the restive Tibetan regions. Many supporters wear black mask to show their nonviolent support and solidarity for the voiceless people. May peace be with them and all beings!

Here you can see Thupten Tendhar, our visiting Buddhist Scholar, and the students of the URI PSY478 Nonviolence Training Course covering their mouths in solidarity with the Voiceless. For more photos from our Day of Solidarity, check out our Facebook album (accessible to non-Facebook users as well!)

Update: Our protest was featured in the Tibet Times! View the article (in Tibetan) in the Times by clicking here. Read the English translation below:

Sympathy for Tibetans (Published on 2012/02/17)

According to news received, more than 20 students and faculty members at the University of Rhode Island, RI, USA conducted nonviolent protest to support Freedom of Expression for every human being including Tibetans. The protest was organized and supported by the Center for Nonviolence & Peace Studies of the University of Rhode Island. The volunteer protestors from diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds covered their mouth to show heartfelt sympathy and solidarity with every human being who is deprived of Freedom of Expression, and particularly to support Tibetans inside Tibet who are undergoing tremendous suffering under prevailing emergency situation.

The Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies at URI was founded by Dr. Bernard Lafayette Jr. who was a valuable assistant to the famous U.S. Civil Rights Movements leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies is currently directed by Dr. Paul Bueno de Mesquita, and it has been teaching and promoting great philosophy and principles of nonviolence for numerous students who attend URI from wide national and international communities. The Center also offers two weeks intensive training in nonviolence every year in June for people including students and teachers, clergy and security personals, lawyers and dignitaries, etc. The International Nonviolence Institute is aimed at developing our human societies with harmony, equality, justice, and freedom.

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